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Are you the kind of person who plans your day and then act upon it ? Or you just keeping acting on whatever day brings and still feel that a lot of work is pending for another day ? Do you wake up looking forward to the morning as a new day ? or you just struggle to complete daily tasks and postpone things till they become emergency ?

Reality check : we all have same 24 hrs. , how we set up our routine prepares us for daily success . A proper morning routine leaves you accomplished and prepared for the day .

Setting a routine should not scare you . Think of it as a step towards more happier and stress-free life . A routine is simply a series of step you do every day . It need not be 1 hr. long but a small 20 min time just for you . Self care is the best care you can give to yourself .

A routine need not start at 4 in morning but surely should give you enough time to enjoy morning in quite. Step by step I have eliminated all the bad habits that I think are just a waste of time . for e.g. – hitting snooze button , reaching for the phone to check emails and mgs etc. . Now I just get up , drink 2 glasses of water , do stretching , use bathroom , prepare smoothie and write down tasks for day . Before my husband is up I have figured out what I will do for my day rather than running around .

Benefits of a Morning Routine


Proper Hydration – This one is so true . We should have at least 8- 10 glasses of water daily but many people short fall to even accomplish this . If you get up late you just rush to bathroom to get ready , put on clothes , grab a coffee and leave . This is bad for your health . Your organs need water after a good night sleep. Water helps to flush out toxins. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps to clean your colon. It allows proper absorption of nutrients .  You just need to get up 5 mins early . So rather than hitting snooze , go for this . This could be your first step towards a healthy routine .

Exercising n Yoga – Do you struggle to just find out those 15 mins to workout . And you never find any time during the day and then day ends and you forget about it . Again you think about it but cant find time due to work . It happened with me, it happens to everybody . We all want to exercise or go for walk but it never happens . An active lifestyle helps to stay fit and keep diseases at bay . Try getting that walk in the morning . Use this time for creative thinking and observing . A morning routine that starts with some self love and thinking surely leaves you energised.

Eating a Healthy Breakfast – How many times have you sat down and eaten a proper first meal ? Not grabbing donut or bun n coffee on the go but an actual bfast . Breakfast gives you energy for the whole day . A proper breakfast gives essential vitamins and minerals . It reduces obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Having an oatmeal or apple n milk wont take more than 10 mins . Also you can have a great family time on that breakfast table if you just get up 15 minz early . This should be fairly easy to include in routine .

More Me time – If you get up before everyone else , you have time for yourself . Time to think about doing something new , to read a book or article . May be thinking about making a new dish . Point is morning routine helps you enjoy some quite time . It gives you time to be invested on you only . If you wont take care of you , how can you take care of everyone around you ? Embrace this routine to give you some time and better decisions .

Peace of mind – When you know what is to be done you feel free and are not anxious . Setting up a morning routine helps you to be patient , calm and emotionaly stable . When you have to work on the clock you kind of become stressed that the work woulnt finish in time . A routine sets the work in order . Its like preparing yourself for the day and be worry free . By getting up early I am eating breakfast , doing exercise , my reading and I can focus on work .  I don’t have to think about falling short on nutrients n exercise .

Do you have a morning routine? What’s the single most important habit you do to kick up your morning . Comment below .


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    1. Hi Max . Thank you for the appreciation . Starting a blog does require a lot of planning and effort but its totally worth it . I suggest you read a lot and watch videos to start a blog . You can drop in any question here . I will be happy to answer it .Good luck

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