How to Start Eating Healthy: 5 Easy & Doable Ideas


Eating healthy is one thing we want to start daily but cannot keep up with. Every new year many people say that losing weight and eating healthy is their target. It’s true as 21.4% voted to eat healthy as the first choice. But as days pass by we get busy with work and other thing and the year goes by. Today I am writing about a few thing we can do to kick start eating healthy routine. Besides avoiding artificial additives, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, cookies, you need to do a lot more. Read on to see how easily you can make a healthy choice and feel better.

Simple Ideas To Start Eating Healthy


 animation-1297198_960_720Start with no sugar in tea n coffee – A daily visit to Starbucks is so imbibed with going to the office that we don’t even count the sugar and extra calories of that morning cup. Don’t get me wrong,  Americans get a lot of antioxidants from their morning cup of java. Though many prefer to drink it black, a lot of people add milk and sugar. Not only are we diluting the taste, we are also reducing its health benefits by adding sugar n cream. If you can’t do away with milk try adding cinnamon, nutmeg or turmeric. You can carry a small bottle with you in bag or car and sprinkle it. I do it, no shame in taking care of health. By cutting 2 spoons of sugar you are cutting 40 calories instantly. Read about 5 ingredients you should add to coffee , here. 


vegetables-29063_960_720Have a green smoothie or carrot juice – Green smoothie instantly increase fruit & vegetable intake. If you don’t like chewing veggies why not drink up. Greens are a great source of non-dairy calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C. It is easy to make and you can mix n match till you find your favorite flavor. Mine is spinach, kale, avocado, ginger, coconut water, and lemon. And for lazy days just spinach, banana n almond milk. Don’t like greens add some carrots, an orange a little ginger and water and enjoy a powerful dose of Vit A & C. Start your day with a fresh fruit juice and get your eating healthy routine started.


 pizza-155771_960_720Don’t eat unhealthy twice in a row – This one is very important. You may want to be eating healthy at every meal but sometimes circumstances do not permit that. A party at the office, or someone’s farewell or your bosses birthday, and you can’t avoid it. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating what you like, after all, thats what we are here for. right ? Sure go ahead and enjoy. But don’t eat unhealthy twice in a row. Choose next meal to be fruit or salad. I never eat two heavy meals in a day. firstly, it derails the daily progress and also make you bloated and lazy.


woman-1562560_960_720Don’t do all things at once – If you have never lifted weights or are not used to running and walking, do not just start doing all at once. I am also not a gym freak myself. I try to eat healthy daily and exercise 3 times a week. Don’t attempt to do all things in one go. Start eating healthy first, maybe a walk after the evening meal. Gradually set a routine that works for you and is easy to keep. Don’t think that doing everything together will bring results faster. But think about having a routine you can keep and feel good about.


 strawberry-34066_960_720Snack placement at home – Many people eat healthy at the meal because they consider the meal to be a big factor but don’t weigh in the snacks. What we eat between meals is very important. You need something to fuel your body between breakfast to lunch or dinner. But if you eat too much in between meals you are less likely to eat a proper meal. Make designated corner for a snack. Place unsalted nuts in a small box daily. You could place a bowl of fruits and energy bar near the front door or next to the sofa where you watch tv and don’t count what you eat.

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