How To Deal With Bloating Everyday

How often have you experienced the feeling of heaviness and discomfort in stomach ? many a times we eat heavy meals and feel like an inflated balloon . Bloating is such a common problem that sometimes we ignore it especially during holiday season . We give in to tasty treats and then feel like a gas chamber . We all should enjoy food but not overdo it. I am listing some clever ways you can keep bloating in check in holidays and in general .

Ways to beat bloating at Party & Holidays

nutsSnack on unsalted nuts – When at a party or not , try snacking on unsalted nuts . Instead of having cracker or nachos with cheese try opting for unsalted nuts . Nuts are great when you feel like munching . Take them as a mid-day snack to help curb your appetite. While drinking I snack on nuts rather than potato chips and dips .


apple-1589874_960_720Eat An Apple before party – many people follow the golden rule of drinking 2 glass of water before heading to a party so they do not over eat . I try eating an apple . It keeps you fuller for longer and is good source of fiber . Don’t peel the skin instead wash it under running hot water to get rid of impurities and wax . The skin of apple , pear n berries is the store house of fiber . Fiber prevents constipation and in turns prevents bloating .

coke-698545_960_720Say no to Carbonated drink – The fizz in carbonated drinks can cause gas to be trapped in the belly. The diet ones are still carbonated so no to diet soda too. Try reducing the intake or a limit of just 1 carbonated drink at a party . Soda is bad for health. Read here. Have flavored water instead . I make my simple drink at very party .Just put half a lemon juice in water , add mint or cucumber and enjoy a refreshing drink . No high sugar n no bubbly for happy stomach.

vegetables-1736170_960_720 Avoid Gassy Veggies – beans and cruciferous family of vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower are known to cause gas . If you are not used to eating them on regular basis , chances are that you will get gas . Avoid them in huge amount as it may lead to discomfort .


cookies-1372607_960_720Know Your Food Allergies and Intolerance – If you have any known food allergies or you have noticed that eating something gives you discomfort avoid it . Don’t just give in to the temptation of eating a brownie when you are allergic to gluten or egg or lactose . Gas and bloating are common symptoms of dairy intolerance .


fruit-1825537_960_720Eat Fruits – If you are a fan of fruit bar try eating watermelon or cantaloupe . They have high water content and helps flush out excess sodium from stomach . Include banana in daily diet as the high potassium content and fiber helps relieve water retention .

Ways to beat bloating Everyday

lunch-172411_960_720Try low sodium food /Avoid canned food – Sodium intake leads to water retention and contributes to bloating . The water retention caused by sodium also increases blood pressure, resulting in faster pumping of blood by heart . If you buy a lot of canned food , try washing the veggies or beans in running water after you open them . This will wash of excess sodium you might accidently consume by just using the content as it is.

water-1632314_960_720Digestive enzymes – Include food that aids digestion . Fermented food has loads of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, that aid in digestion. Drinks like sauerkraut juice , kefir and kombucha soothe the stomach and increase digestive power. Eat a cup of papaya every 2 days . It has essential digestive enzymes that soothes tummy and relieves bloating. You can eat yogurt as a snack as it promotes better digestion .

sugar-1474203_960_720Limit artificial sweeteners – Xylitol ,Maltilol , Sorbitol are artificial sweeteners found in anything “sugar- free “. The artificial sweeteners are not digested properly by digestive system and in turn results in gas and puffy feeling . I would rather have 1 drink with normal sugar rather than 2 with artificial sweetener . As name suggests its artificial , why do you want to try something synthetic . Eat normal but less .

woman-1801281_960_720Stay Active On the Go –  A small stroll in evening or a 20 min workout even at home goes a long way for digestion . When you stay active your body functions properly . Staying active prevents constipation and sluggishness by keeping food moving in digestive tract. If you do not have an active lifestyle you might feel bloated that usual . So if you are someone’s place take a walk around garden or just climb stairs 5 times .


paella-926303_960_720Use lemon instead of Salt – You can use lemon instead of salt and can avoid high level of sodium in your diet. American heart Assoc recommends 1500 milligrams daily sodium intake. But an average american consumes about 3400 mg. Excess levels of sodium may cause increased water retention leading to puffiness , bloating & weightgain. You can add it to dishes while cooking or season with lemon instead of sprinkling salt .

cheese-noodles-609776_960_720Chew food properly – Eating everything in hurry or the hurry to eat everything messes up digestion. Eating quickly and not chewing the food well causes air swallowing , that leads to bloating. If you chew your food well it helps the stomach in digestion . You can reduce the chances of bloating just by chewing food properly . Also if you chew food properly you enjoy taste more and might end up eating less as you enjoy your food . So proper chewing equals less overeating . Seems an easy way to avoid trouble later .

We all enjoy eating good food. Just don’t go overboard and enjoy a healthy and balanced meal . I fill half of my plate with salad to avoid extra calories in plate . What trick works for you . Lemme know in comments .