Bad Habits That Makes You Fat

We are creatures of habits for no doubt. But our love for food surpasses all the logic sometimes. We just indulge in eating our favorites all the time and do not eat a balanced meal. This in turn makes losing weight very difficult. The key is to eat everything in moderation so you do not crave it the moment you see it. You might have some food habits that need to be curtailed to achieve desired results. Below I am listing some habit to let go of, when trying to eat healthily or lose weight .

Bad Habits that wreck your weight loss

Eat real food, not low fat

In hope of getting less fat and calories ,we switch to the low fat version of everything. Give up this habit. Because in making it low fat a lot of essential nutrients are also destroyed. Not only you are getting the less nutrient dense product but you consume a lot of harmful add ons .

Stop munching on freebies at Restaurant

Have you ever sat down and written the amount of times you eat out in a week? Do you like to munch on free chips at Mexican restaurants or freshly baked bread at Italian restaurants? i absolutely love getting extra stuff but sadly it comes with a lot of extra calories. Try cutting down on eating extras and enjoying the real meal. by avoiding this habit of eating complimentary you will save about a 200 calories extra.

Stop drinking soda

This is probably the first the thing you should be doing. Soda contains no essential nutritional value . It has no vitamin, no fiber, no mineral, and antioxidants. It is actually empty calories, huge 140 calories without any nutrient. A can of soda has about 10 spoons of sugar. So basically you are gulping liquid sugar and we all know sugar is bad news. By letting this bad habit go , you will lose weight fast . For more info , read this .

Watching endless TV

ok I know we all like re- runs of your popular series and end up watching it repeatedly whenever we get time. I won’t tell you to stop watching TV but do it in a fun way. I do my 20 min weights training right in front of TV or every time I get a commercial I do free hand exercises . get creative guys, see what suits you and watch that stubborn weight go away.

Stay away from buffet

The all you can eat deal is definitely tempting but not all the time. If you roughly eat 10 times say with 200 calories per item you are eating 2000 calories and that’s just 1 meal. limit your visits to buffet for some time and see if it works for you . Also, stop ordering combo meals.

Do not over cook

This one I am speaking from my personal experience. Since I limited eating out, I started to cook more. I used to cook a little extra but always ended up with more than required . Plus always felt the pressure to finish what I cooked . Now I measure my portions and eat nuts or apple etc.

Eating from container

Never eat straight from the container. This is the worst. As you love the snack you will never stop at 1 and might end up eating the whole. Always take some out in a bowl and eat it slowly. Chewing your food properly helps you feel satiated. This mindless eating habit has to go . Eating your food too quickly can lead to overeating because it doesn’t give your brain enough time to signal the body that you are full.

Do you have any of these bad habits ? If yes , just give them up for 2 weeks and see if it makes any difference . Share your experience below in comments .

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