Hi, curious soul ! My name is Sara and I live in New Jersey. I have always enjoyed writing as it helps me channel my thoughts perfectly to create something of value.

I believe in magic and fairy tales and that’s probably how I met my husband (More on it in a blog post soon!). I often write rhymes for close ones. I love music and attending live shows.My idea of a perfect day is a sandwich, beer, and sitcom.

I have set up this blog to share my experience from overweight Sara to a perfect BMI. But I continue to challenge myself every day to be even better. In the past 2 years, I have given a lot of thought to my eating habits and their effect on my body.

I log my food and that’s how I got the idea to start my blog. I want to share my mistakes, learning and new found ideas with the world to inspire those who need a push and a friend to help them in their journey to a lifestyle we desire. I aim to guide readers to clean eating and healthy choices. Furthermore, what we eat and do not eat do wonders to our body. I learned that the hard way but you won’t have to!

This blog is about all the things I do for the positive energy that keeps me going be it food, travel, adventure, movies etc. I hope to inspire and be inspired.

Join me on this ongoing journey towards an improved lifestyle. Let us challenge ourselves to a better well-being, the Saraliciousfield way!!