5 Simple Ways To Curb Down Snacking

Eating a snack is totally necessary , I agree. But eating everything in name of snack , I don’t agree with that . I have seen many people going overboard with snacking . A snack is supposed to keep you full till your next meal .  Unthoughtful snacking can derail your health progress . One should plan the snack rather than grabbing anything from the kitchen shelf . In todays post n listing out some ways I have tried to curb down unnecessary snacking , especially mid-night snacking. Its the worst . You end up watching 3 back to back episodes of your favorite season n bam ate a lot of chips, ice cream n chocolates . Hope my pointers help you too.

p8bx9w0wf4o-damien-cFirst of, the light in the refrigerator is not for finding snacks easily . If you have hard time deciding what to eat and you stand in front of fridge looking for minutes . Try organizing a designated shelf for snacks . Or may be a box on shelf where you can put all snacking items. I put yogurt cup, grapes , carrot, berries etc. Next time you need a snack don’t be tempted by leftover pizza n pasta instead take that snack box out n grab one thing from that n put it back . No more convincing yourself to finish leftovers n then feeling bad for eating too much last night .


7mh-czwzrsa-worthy-of-eleganceDon’t try to finish all the nachos, cookies n candies before your trip to market. no one said that you can only buy when you will finish the last bag of chips you bought . Instead think of it as you have already some stuff at home, may be you can buy some snacks on next trip . Also if you find something really exciting n new buy the smallest pack. It may look very price worthy buying the big pack. But what good is it if you don’t like the taste. If you buy big you will be under pressure to finish that pack to justify the money you spend . Don’t checkout every aisle in super market . Make a list , find items n leave . You cannot eat what’s not at your home .


zsb2mbzshji-stephanie-mccabePlan your meals n snacks accordingly . Take time for your meal . Don’t rush it . Sit n properly chew your food. I used to rush breakfast n lunch . Probably coz I dint like eating alone n after marriage I used to be home . N I had to eat alone as husband used to be at work . I looked forward to dinner when I can have conversation at meal etc. But I realized that I am eating right in day time . I used to just grab anything without giving thought n then move over to something else. Proper nutrition is necessary for our body . Think carefully what you eat as it affects our health .


p9wkd82hlui-brina-blumThis one is super tip . you don’t have to eat dessert every night . My husband cant sleep if has not eaten something sweet after dinner . To really avoid daily dessert mania Brush your teeth after dinner . Even if you are tempted to eat that fudge sundae or pudding , just go brush or use mouthwash . Food doesn’t taste as it is after a mint gargle, right ? I always brush my teeth after dinner . No temptation , No unnecessary calories . This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to eat dessert, it simply means you don’t have to eat it everyday . Helps in curbing mid night snacking too.


evsouv1eyxy-rachael-gorjestaniLastly , maintain a food log. Many people just eat food coz it tastes good but they don’t know the amount of calories in it . Write what you eat in a day with calories . There are a lot of apps that can help you log meals n plus give a break up of nutrients . In some weeks you will know what to eat n what not . For e.g. . If you see your Vitamin. A not meeting daily goal opt for carrot or apple as a snack . Not only you will get rid of unhealthy snacking habit you can have a proper nutritious diet .



These are some of the ways that have helped me break constant snacking habit . Do you have any interesting idea to share. Comment below.