5 Simple Rules for Setting Up An Exercise Routine and Sticking To It

An exercise routine is probably the best way to stay fit and active. But many of us only like the idea of a workout but don’t actually like doing it. For example, you may read about different types of exercise regimes, may try it too but prefer your TV and couch more. Or every time you think about doing an actual workout, you always come up with some more urgent work. Also keeping a set routine may not work for you too. Personally I  did not like exercising at first especially at the gym. Still hate it. I used to get irritated with sweat and greasy hair. Since I have started working out at my home, in my comfort space and I haven’t looked back. I do exercise about 30 min daily now. I admit I had to push myself a lot but I am healthier and stronger now. Below are some of the pointers that helped me overcome the barrier and switch to an exercise routine.

How To Begin Exercise Routine

woman-1562560_960_720Start With Someone -You have heard this before. But the challenge is you don’t have anyone to start with. My advice. Use technology. I used to Skype my mom and we both used to exercise at that time. It brought consistency, and most important some giggles too. It’s harder to ditch workout plans if someone is waiting. If she was not available, I used to just put on shoes and go for a 45 min walk to the lake. After some time I started running a little in between. And now I can see the difference. I can bring 10 grocery bag 2 flight stairs without sweating a breath. In fact, I have made some new friends that also come around at the same time. So you see my problem kind of found its own solution.

shoe-1324431_960_720Set doable goals – If you are trying to lose 10 lb., I say you may lose it in a healthy manner in 2-3 months. Keeping your goal in mind determine the amount of time you can actually workout. Also, you don’t have to put that 30 min altogether. Divide it in your day. Don’t give up thinking I don’t have a straight schedule to keep 30 mins every day. The most important part of figuring out when to workout is to find a time that works for you. If you can’t do it in your mind. Put it on your calendar. If your meetings are important so is your health. Treat those 30 mins as an appointment to self.

basketball-784097_960_720Mix n match different workouts – You don’t have to have to do weights. Sure you can try it later but initially just focus on finding what you like first. For example, my husband can never step in the gym. The only time he will visit gym would be if they start showing football matches with chilled beer. n I don’t think that will ever happen. he tried yoga, dropped it.Tried spinning, can’t do it. But hey he likes to play. He goes to play badminton and tennis every alternate day. Takes a 20 min walk about every morning. And if he is feeling adventurous a friendly football match on weekends. One should try classes, videos or modes of working out on a weekly basis. Keeping your exercise routine different will keep you motivated.

cycling-148956_960_720Keep a visual / Journal – By a visual I mean seriously hang that favorite pair of dress you would love to fit into. If you see it every day, I am sure it will be enough to keep your exercise routine going. Also, Start keeping a journal and write down all the new things you can do and that you have accomplished since you started. Note down your vital stats and compare them every 15 days. Who know in just 2 weeks you are again fitting into your favorite shorts. Believe me even dropping a pound gives an immense feeling. By tracking your small wins, you feel like going the extra mile.

Keeping Exercise routine When Outside

sport-2188444_960_720 When on business/ vacation: Ok this one probably is the biggest culprit because not only you don’t want to exercise but a travel plan can totally make you not wanting exercise too .There are still a few thing you can do when traveling for business or vacation. Select a hotel with fitness center. If not available see on the map that is there a park or trail or lake around. Still a no. Pack a skipping rope and make use of it. Also, a lot of hotels have the swimming pool. You can get your exercise there. Going out for dinner, park your car 2 blocks away and walk. Use stairs not lift. So you see, when there is a will there is a way. Just don’t think that going away from home is a reason not to work out.

There is no denying the fact that exercise routine helps people lose weight. But most importantly it lowers the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise makes us stronger and alive. Contrary to the belief you feel more energized after exercise than tired. A small effort goes a long way. We all have Deadlines at work, presentations, family obligations, and travel plans and they can all get in the way of a scheduled workout. But just don’t give up on exercising. Don’t beat yourself up about missing a workout. A new day brings another 24hrs, invest in you.

I hope these pointers help you start an exercise routine and sticking to it. Share your experience below in comment sections.

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