Things to Remember While Using Lemon

Lemon is used actively for recipes , beauty and in cleaning hacks . We all use it almost daily in our diet . Some even consider sipping lemon water daily as a holy grail of weight loss . Earlier I used to drink it thrice a day . Also I use it to squeeze on salad , curries n rice .  Instead of feeling energized I felt sluggishness . Then I realize I went overboard with its use . I learned that too much use of lime in diet is not good . There are certain things which we should know to get full benefits . In todays post I am talking about some things to keep in mind while using Lemon .

Things to Keep in Mind while drinking Lemon Water

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1 . Don’t go overboard with drinking . Half a lemon mixed with a glass of water if fine for you . But if you are taking more than 2 glasses it may be cause of various troubles for you . As lemon is diuretic , it makes you visit bathroom frequently . Also it gears up the detoxification process . Excess of lime can cause headaches n fatigue as it is flushing fluids out of your body . Try sticking to 1-2 glass for optimal wellness .

2. Drink simple n plain lemon water . I drink lemon water . Just lime n water . No salt or sugar or honey . Adding sugar will reduce the benefits . If lemon’s tartness is too much for you too drink try adding raw honey not artificial sweetener . Also if you put honey while warming the water up , honey looses its nutrition capacity too . So try adding honey once the water has cooled down to a desired drinking temperature .

3. Drink through straw or sipper . Some people are also concerned about the citric acid in lemons having a sensitizing effect on their tooth enamel. As with increasing use of lemon daily you are exposing your teeth to acidic nature of lemon . Don’t just take that big sip from glass . Instead try using straw . This way the lemony water will not touch your teeth directly . You can enjoy that drink without worrying about enamel .

4. Use freshly cut lemon . Avoid juice concentrates . Firstly , its not close to the natural lemony  taste . Secondly , the effect of  Vitamin C decreases if its exposed to atmosphere for long . To reap full benefits use a fresh fruit.

More Things To Remember


5 . Always juice lemon at room temperature , as they will yield more juice when warmer. If you keep them in fridge , take them out so they are not super cold . Place them in a bowl of warm water for several minutes before juicing . I roll them under my palm either on hand or on a flat surface . This makes them a little soft and helps to extract more juice.

6 . While removing the zest, make sure not to dig in too much till white part . The white pith underneath is bitter and spoils all the taste . Since most conventionally grown fruits will have pesticide residues on the skin, wash them under running hot water If you buy organic , still wash them properly as running in hot water will give you more juice .

7. Never apply lemon juice directly to your face . I have been a victim of this . Try mixing it with other natural ingredients like sandalwood , rose water , aloe Vera or milk etc. This will reduce harsh effects on skin . Also wash it properly before stepping out as it increases the chances of sunburn . You may want a clearer skin but may end up looking like a red tomato like me .

Quick Tip : Use lemon on face during eve or night . This is fairly simple. No sun . No sunburn .

So from now on try to include these simple tips and have a healthy life . I hope you enjoyed this article . You may also like to read some lesser know facts about lemon . click here