Are You Eating Fruits The Right Way

fruit-1586490_960_720Fruits are the best source of nutrients . Any fruit you pick is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants . It is really important to incorporate a good fruit- mix  in the daily diet for a good health. Eating a good amount of fruits is associated with lower heart risk and strokes . You will get a healthier skin too. But to get the best results , we must know the right way of eating fruits .

The Best Time to Eat Fruits?

In the Morning on an Empty Stomach
It is advised that you should eat fruits as first thing in the morning . When we eat fruits on an empty stomach the digestive system breaks down the sugars properly and efficiently. The antioxidants in fruits can reduce inflammation in the body . They are also a rich source of fiber and keeps you full for longer .

Pre – Post Workout
Fruits make an excellent addition for a pre-workout munch . Many of us tend to skip fruits that are high in carbs . A banana is an excellent choice . A banana smoothie with yogurt makes a great combo too . Protein in yogurt doesn’t break as quickly as carbs in banana .The carbs become fuel for a workout & the protein is used later to prevent muscle damage.

How should You eat fruits ?

Fruits should be consumed alone . Meaning ? When we eat fruits we should try to eat it without mixing it with anything . The basic principle being , sugar in fruits ferment the other foods in the stomach, causing gas & indigestion. So basically you do not get all the nutritional benefit and also may get an uneasy stomach .

If you are eating fruit as a snack , try to eat it before an hour from your meal or after 2 . When you have a heavier meal like burger etc . try to eat fruit after 3-4 hours . Since your stomach would be busy working on that burger , eating fruit would make it worse . The fruit ends up sitting in the body for longer than required and starts to ferment. This can give you indigestion and gastric trouble too . So in short try to space out a workable eating pattern .

Things to keep in mind

  • Avoid eating fruits right after a meal. It may not be digested properly & the nutrients may not be absorbed properly either.
  • Avoid eating fruit close to bedtime as sugar in fruit spikes up your energy and keep you up when you need your sleep. This is bad for people with diabetes .
  • If trying to lose weight ,do not eat fruit after lunch time . In this way, the body will use fat stored in the body as energy .

All in all, to draw maximum benefit eat fruits in the morning . Try to eat a different fruit every other day so you do not get bored . I eat fruits in the morning and as a snack too . What’s your favorite way of eating fruits   ? Comment below.

Why You Should Quit Drinking Soda

We all love soda so much that even after knowing its bad for our health we keep coming back to it . The United States tops the chart when it comes to soda consumption . When we eat fast food it is never complete without a tall glass of soda . But do you know that soda contains no essential nutritional value . It has no vitamin, no fiber, no mineral, and antioxidants. So it is basically empty calories, huge 140 calories without any nutrient. A can of soda has about 10 spoons of sugar. So basically you are gulping liquid sugar.

More Reasons To Stop Drinking Soda

 dentist-913014_960_720It is bad for Dental health
The acidic nature of soda causes a bad effect on tooth enamel and loss of enamel causes sensitivity. The sugar present in soda aids bacteria in the mouth causing dental health issues over time. Soda cans contain BPA . It is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins. It is used to keep the acids in soda from reacting with the metal in cans. It can interfere with hormones that can be a reason for infertility, obesity, and other diseases.


diabetes-1270346_960_720It leads to Insulin resistance & type 2 Diabetes
The soda causes the blood sugar to trigger and eventually leads to insulin resistance. But what is Insulin resistance? Insulin is a hormone which drives glucose from the blood into cells. But when we consume the huge amount of sugary drink the cells become resistant to the effect of insulin. Which forces pancreas to make even more insulin to remove the excess glucose from the blood. This condition is known as Insulin resistance and contributes to diabetes.


sugar-1068288_960_720It Affects Metabolism
Artificial sweeteners taste hundreds of times sweeter than regular sugar. It confuses the body and it releases too much insulin to process the drink. In a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition conducted by Bangor England revealed that the metabolism of 11 men n women who drank soda over 4 weeks changed after the fourth week, making it more difficult for them to burn fat and lose weight.



heart-665186_960_720It increases risk of heart Attack
People who consume soda daily run at being the risk of heart failure . Acc. to Harvard School of public Health drinking just one sugary beverage a day was associated with a 20 percent increase in a man’s risk of having a heart attack over a 22-year period. By consuming regular fizzy drinks we weaken our heart and it cannot function properly . Nearly 6 million people in the USA live with heart failure . That is a serious no to make you realise the side effects of this habit .


Diet Soda Is Not Your Friend

soda-25188_960_720Diet Cola is worse
Firstly , it tricks a user to eat something extra as they are saving calorie by drinking diet drink. This leads to overeating as u think u can substitute calories. Acc. to University of Miami Miller School of Medicine adults who drank diet drinks daily have a 44 percent higher chance of heart attack and stroke.

Soda Builds fat deposit in Liver
Acc. to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the people under study drank a liter per day of soda, or instead drank milk with the same amount of calories, water or diet cola. The group that consumed sugary drink ended up with a higher amount of fat in the liver and this kind of fat increases the chance of liver diseases. Yes, even Non-alcoholic sugary drinks cause fatal liver diseases.


I have just listed some of the worse effects soda has on our body . It is really damaging our body slowly .We need to stop gulping artificial sugary drinks and make an effort for more natural lifestyle .

Why You Should Start Drinking Coconut Water

coconut-1135448_960_720Coconut water is the sweet juice inside the young coconut . It is packed with vitamins, minerals & electrolytes . With many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes , coconut water aids in better digestion and metabolism . It contains a lot of antioxidants that help prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Though it is native to the tropical region but its bottled version is available at leading grocery chains .


Prime reasons to Drink Coconut Water ?

Low-Calorie Drink . Coconut water is not calorie free like water , but it is next best thing to water . With lower calories than any soft drink , it is tasty & natural . It also has lesser sugar than soda . A serving of coconut water has about 8 gm of sugar and roughly 45 calories . Score !!

It contains Potassium . It is packed with a good amount of potassium . Roughly about 600 mg in 8 oz (240 ml). Potassium balances the negative effects of sodium to maintain a healthy blood pressure . According to the American Heart Association, “adding appropriate amounts of potassium to one’s diet can help maintain or reduce blood pressure because it lessens the effects of sodium”. Daily consumption of coconut water (which also contains potassium) could therefore also reduce blood pressure.

It helps Rehydrate . It acts as a great source of rehydration in warm summer weather . The presence of amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and fatty acids accounts for osmolarity. So the next time someone has diarrhea you need not make a run for ORS . You can give coconut water as a quick remedy for dehydration . It is beneficial for the condition like vomiting and excessive sweating too .

Need more reasons to Drink Coconut Water ?

Naturally Cholesterol Free . It is naturally cholesterol free. Drinking coconut water is beneficial for lipid metabolism . It reduces the risk of heart disease . It has antiplatelet properties helping a better arterial circulation . Thus it lowers the risk of the heart attack too .

Diabetes Friendly . It is good for people with diabetes . With a glycemic index of 3, coconut water is a good alternative to drinks that have added sugar . It has 15% of the RDI of magnesium in 1 cup . It improves insulin sensitivity and decreases blood sugar levels . Frequent headaches are often linked to the low level of magnesium . Proper intake of magnesium can help reduce the frequency of a migraine .

It contains Cytokinins . It has a compound called cytokinins. Cytokinins are plant hormones that regulate cell growth and cell division . They balance ph level and keeps tissues intact . The presence of cytokinins makes coconut water anti-carcinogenic and anti -aging . Cytokinins show anti-thrombotic activity, meaning it helps prevent the formation of blood clots.

It contains Electrolytes . Coconut water is good for replenishing fluids and electrolytes after a workout. Electrolytes are minerals that maintain proper fluid balance. It has 5 essential electrolytes namely potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Many people argue that coco water is not as good as the sports drink . But studies show that coco water is as effective as sports drink to rehydrate . Even if you don’t buy that unless you do the heavy training you can totally drink coco water .

Coconut water is a storehouse of nutrients . The best part is the potassium content which we all fall short of . But you should drink it in moderation as a glass has roughly 46- 60 calories . So sip some natural goodness for great health benefits .